Root cause analysis – never make the same mistake twice


CQI trainer Mike Debenham, CQP FCQI, explains the importance of root cause analysis.

In the past, organisations have swept failures, mistakes and issues under the carpet. However, with the current understanding that prevention is more beautiful than the cure, many organisations are now realising the value of root cause analysis.

In fact, organisations are insisting that they never make the same mistake twice.

This not only requires total commitment from the top down but it also requires professionals who are skilled in root cause analysis and this may be where the problem lies for many organisations.

Having the ability to find the underlying cause is just as important as finding the long-term solutions.

In order to identify the challenges or issues and assess the risk requires processes and procedures to be put in place. You need to be equipped with the right tools and techniques.

Professionals need to be educated in this area and they need to be knowledgeable in the most efficient and effective way to tackle root cause analysis – from the five why’s technique to the FMEA model. If implemented correctly, professionals can ensure the failure never rears its ugly head again.

Root Cause Analysis, a course offered by the CQI, provides a simple yet structured way to get back to root cause and it also develops a delegate’s skills-set to enable them to coach colleagues to come up with the optimum solution using risk-based tools.

If organisations are to put into practice strategies for continuous improvement its vital they have the intellectual property and the professionals with the correct competencies and capabilities to do so.

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Mike Debenham, CQP FCQI, is a CQI trainer and self-employed consultant