A compactor works on cosmetics at the Lush factory in Poole, which is renowned for its ethical, customer-focused processes

Ethical, customer-focused process: How I was inspired by a trip to the Lush factory

Natasha Cowan reflects on her behind-the-scenes tour of Lush

Last month I visited Lush’s flagship factory in Poole, for a feature in September’s Quality World magazine, and discovered how the company promotes a sense of ownership among staff. I interviewed Creative Buyer Gabbi Leodolff (you can see the video interview here) and she told me about a fascinating technique Lush uses to connect with customers…

The Lush vision is based on creating fresh, handmade products, without animal testing, while safeguarding the welfare of workers. This is felt along its entire supply chain and I was struck by how engaged the staff are with these principles.

One way Lush promotes this behaviour is through the clever labels that cover its  recyclable packaging. Each label names the compounder who made that specific batch of the product, as well as the date it was made.

As a result, the role of compounder is the most coveted job on the factory floor. The labels give compounders a sense of recognition and ownership over their products, inspiring them to make each batch to the highest standard. The labels also promote the handmade message.

Gabbi told me that customers are so taken by this approach that they now seek out products made by their ‘favourite compounder’ and choose to buy products specifically made by them.

It’s clear the wholesome brand image is more than clever marketing – there’s a holistic approach taken to make sure the vision is upheld in every aspect of the operation.

Natasha Cowan is Content Creator at the CQI and writes for Quality World magazine

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