Transforming culture

Masterclass-banner-500pixels-wide-300x73Robert Oakland explains the importance of being a proactive, customer centric leader.

It’s no surprise that the world of business is constantly changing and this can cause an element of uncertainty.

We can no longer rely on medium-term stability in the markets or the communities they serve.

Still, leaders are facing the need to deliver relentless change, continuously challenge conventional thought and encourage their teams to explore all opportunities.

In the face of relentless change, it is vital we ensure the culture of our organisations is built to last. Creating a total quality culture ensures we seek the right opportunities and solutions and have the right processes and procedures in place – no matter the challenge.

The problem we are faced with is having the personnel with the right capabilities to lead by example and embed the quality culture. The quality culture must be adopted all throughout the company – starting with top management – for it to fully succeed.

Understanding behaviours and establishing trust is essential to embedding a customer focused total quality culture, and this requires adopting a strategic mindset.

Though leaders are required to have the ability to influence others, this vital skill is often lacking. Ensuring high quality performance is part of a firm’s DNA requires inspirational and capable leadership.

Being responsive and reactive is no longer enough. You need to transform and be truly proactive, customer centric and commit to the change.

On 21 September we will be facilitating a Leadership Masterclass – Transforming culture: Putting the customer first.

It is designed to give you an understanding of how to assess the culture in your organisation.

It will also provide you with the tools and techniques to lead the transformation and align all parts of your strategy in pursuing a total quality culture.

For further information, and to take advantage of the 15% summer special discount on this CQI Leadership Masterclass, please visit the CQI training page.

Robert Oakland is a partner at Oakland Consulting

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